The Moog

From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Sun Jul 26 14:49:50 1998

On Sun, 26 Jul 1998, Bruce Lane wrote:

> A Moog synth, as I understand it, is a huge collection of oscillators that
> can each be individually tuned and configured to set up about any sort of
> variation on a sine wave that one could imagine. Frequency, phasing,
> flanging... all could be altered at will on every single oscillator.

I'm a software weenie, so caveat emptor: analog synths typically give you
a few sources such as sine wave, square wave, saw tooth, and white noise,
some VCO's to modify amplitude and frequency, ADSR (attack, delay,
sustain, rlease) filters, and other gizmos. They're basically analog
computers to which somebody attached a speaker. Op-Amps, which are used a
lot in music, were originally designed for analog computers (thus the
name, operational amplifiers).

-- Doug
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