toshiba T3100/20 20mb RLL HDD

From: David C. Jenner <>
Date: Sun Jul 26 14:53:06 1998

JVC: JD3824ROTO or equivalent (4 heads, 612 cylinders)

Try RE-PC in Seattle, WA. They have lots of
working laptop HDs, but they aren't listed on the Web site.


Poesie wrote:
> ok, yet another Q for those of you out there who have run across these.
> anyone have a suggestion for where i might come across a ~20mb RLL
> drive? 3.5" size, don't have the model #'s on me at the moment although
> I recall with the toshiba it was a JVC. seems to me from what I could
> pull off the net that these drives seem to die often.
> -Eric
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