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From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sun Jul 26 14:50:58 1998

  Weelll, I can't lurk on this one.

  Zane, is your record from Norlin Company? If so, it is the (quite
rare) demo record that Norlin put out when they bought Moog music
from Bob (Moog). I have archived several of these demos, Moog and
ARP and Oberhiem. Be careful if you play it, they weren't on the
best vinyl.

  Zane and Bruce: The Moog Modular Synths were just that... a
collection of modules of various kinds that one ordered to assemble
a complete system... kinda like DEC stuff. There were standard
configs available, but you could add-on, mix-match, whatever.

  The particular instrument I am priveleged to share my studio with
is a Model 55 IIIC+ , and was owned by the late Paul Beaver, who used
it to make most of the strange sound effects for a small, obscure
movie in the late 70s called "Star Wars" or something like that.

  More detail on them can be found by doing a websearch on "musical
instruments, electronic, Moog"... or one can got to for a good set of links.

  ObCLASSICCMP: One of my intentions for at least one of my PDP11
systems is to interface it to my Moog, and obtain an old copy of
Csound or the like.. to recreate an exact environment from the
'childhood' of electronic music.

  My collection and studio: The site needs
updating, but you can see the specs for several classic synththesizers.



ps: Kennedy 9300 parts / svc manual wanted... Enquire Within.
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