NeXtStation TurboColor

From: Thomas Pfaff <>
Date: Sun Jul 26 17:18:22 1998

The main problem with these machines is that they are still so heavily used that noone wants to give up the media (cd-roms, etc). You can try There are also some websites... and

Mostly what you probably need is a >300 mb standard SCSI harddrive, a cd-rom player that works with that machine [there are many but not all work] and the cd-rom media (NeXTStep 3.3 is probably the best).

If you were near me I'd tell you just to come by and I'd do a builddisk for you. Perhaps someone else will offer. $25 was a good deal- last time I checked they were still going for a couple hundred. Poor kid!

Once you get it working there's tons of software around for it, some of it the best quality available... try and

The machines, although great performers for their time are getting slow by today's standards. Because of that, and the fact that Mac OS X Server (aka Rhapsody) is somewhat available, the prices should be dropping lower.


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I picked up a NeXtStation TurboColor box today at a hamfest. A kid had
just bought 3 monitors, 4 boxes and a small stack of manuals and sold
me the extra system box for $25. No memory or hard disk and (of course)
no monitor, cable, keyboard, mouse or software.

Does anyone have experience with these systems? Any tips on getting
the pieces needed to get it running?

-- Tony

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