Kaypro 2000 [the Delorean of computers]

From: Thomas Pfaff <thomas100_at_home.com>
Date: Sun Jul 26 17:25:52 1998


I have one of these somewhere but not handy. I don't remember what
the deal is with the switch but I do recall that the one I bought had
the batteries taken out of it and replaced with a power supply.

I got the impression from the owner that the system originally
trickle-charged the batteries as the unit ran. Without the batteries
I think it would not work unless you take the back section apart and
rewire it.

It is _very_ nice early-PC machinismo. The quality of industrial
design put into the unit has rarely been matched. Back-lit display
and the whole deal.

I guess you could call it the DeLorean of early MS-DOS compatibles. :-)

Hope this helps...

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