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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sat Jul 25 21:04:49 1998

On 26 Jul 98 at 15:04, Zane H. Healy wrote:

> > Zane, is your record from Norlin Company? If so, it is the (quite
> Nope, it's "The Synthesizer, Featuring Dick Hyman at The Moog", from
> Command (ABC Records) 1973.
 I also have a Dick Hyman MOOG record subtitled " The Electric Eclectics of
Dick Hyman" Command 983. Is that the same one ? He was more noted for
his jazz-tinged piano. Quite an excellent player. Most people would be more
aware of the "Captain" from Captain and Tenille who did "Muscrat Love" and
like Stephen Stills used a Mini-Moog in performance as well as on their TV
 I'm the proud owner of a Moog Prodigy which used 2 osscillators as
opposed to the 3 in the mini. Does the various sine wave conversions and the
controlled outputs, with 1 hand-wheel to control pitch and another to control
volume when in performance. The analogue synth has had a resurgence of interest
the last 4 or 5 years , since ,like tube amps , it has a more ambient(?) sound.
 Unfortunately, the adaptors to change the output to digital and hence Midi
are quite expensive. I'm still waiting to find a second hand one or a Hack in
order to hook it up to my Atari.

> > The particular instrument I am priveleged to share my studio with
> >is a Model 55 IIIC+ , and was owned by the late Paul Beaver, who used
> >it to make most of the strange sound effects for a small, obscure
> >movie in the late 70s called "Star Wars" or something like that.
 Never heard of it. :^)) I saw my first full Moog set-up in the early 70's in
a studio when I had a roady business. I've never been so intimidated by
hi-tech in my life. They had 2 walls of equipment with enough patch cords
to keep a "Stones" tour supplied for a year.

> I noticed that some of the sounds, were like the laser blast effects in
> Star Wars, which I found surprising as I remember watching a "Making of..."
> back in about 1980 that showed them hitting a guide wire for a radio
> antenna to get that same sound.
 What you didn't see on screen was likely the equipment they used to manipulate
that sound. Or the work it took to patch in that equipment.
 My son , who's a big movie and a music buff , just informed me that the guide
wire thing was done in SWII which didn't use the Moog.

> > ObCLASSICCMP: One of my intentions for at least one of my PDP11
> >systems is to interface it to my Moog, and obtain an old copy of
> >Csound or the like.. to recreate an exact environment from the
> >'childhood' of electronic music.
  Wow ! I'm impressed . If I ever get down Cal way I'd love to see it.
Damn ! Does this mean I have to get into mini's now ? You DEC people are
> This must be what I was thinking of, I thought I remembered the Moog having
> something to do with the PDP11.
> Zane
 This thread inspired me enough to dig out this record. I'm listening to
Hyman's "Topless Dancers of Corfu " at this instant. Listening to it does
remind me of the "S-Wars" sound Track. I hadn't realized it was done on a
Moog. Did Paul Beaver also do some of the music ?

 ciao larry
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