Moog (on topic, too...)

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Jul 26 17:04:43 1998

> Zane, is your record from Norlin Company? If so, it is the (quite

Nope, it's "The Synthesizer, Featuring Dick Hyman at The Moog", from
Command (ABC Records) 1973.

> The particular instrument I am priveleged to share my studio with
>is a Model 55 IIIC+ , and was owned by the late Paul Beaver, who used
>it to make most of the strange sound effects for a small, obscure
>movie in the late 70s called "Star Wars" or something like that.

I noticed that some of the sounds, were like the laser blast effects in
Star Wars, which I found surprising as I remember watching a "Making of..."
back in about 1980 that showed them hitting a guide wire for a radio
antenna to get that same sound.

> ObCLASSICCMP: One of my intentions for at least one of my PDP11
>systems is to interface it to my Moog, and obtain an old copy of
>Csound or the like.. to recreate an exact environment from the
>'childhood' of electronic music.

This must be what I was thinking of, I thought I remembered the Moog having
something to do with the PDP11.

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