Using IBM floppy-drive cable with Kaypro?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Jul 27 06:20:31 1998

< I wonder if it's the cable? (As is, the Kaypro supports two drives (SA4
< equivalent). The original owner bought a little hardware thingie that d

Advent Turborom drivr personality board.

< So I bought a new cable. It has that stupid half-twist, so I'm wonderin
< to coax my system into working with the new cable. I think I understand
< situation from the point of view of the drives (both drives are jumpered

you cant. IT swaps a few lines around and will confuse the mess. I doubt
the original cable is bad. More likely if the drives are really SA400(l)
the positioner has slid from the notch it follows in the cam.

< #1, and some pins are exchanged: 10 <-> 16, 11 <-> 15, 12 <-> 14).
< But doesn't the computer have to cooperate in this farce? That is, woul
< have to reprogram my BIOS to mess things up in the same way as the IBM P
< hardware, so that the drive cable can do its part and thus it all ends u
< (sort of) working?

it's not a pc, no progrmming option. The half twist was so two identical
drives would work without changing jumpers. Everyone else made you change

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