Using IBM floppy-drive cable with Kaypro?

From: D. Peschel <>
Date: Mon Jul 27 15:03:51 1998

> < I wonder if it's the cable? (As is, the Kaypro supports two drives (SA4
> < equivalent). The original owner bought a little hardware thingie that d
> Advent Turborom drivr personality board.

No, the machine doesn't have a TurboRom. The thingie is by Micro Cornucopia.
It fits over the pins on the mainboard; it has some traces to a new set of
pins, plus an IC or two (probably simple ones -- I haven't checked). It's
small enough for me to hold in my hand.

> you cant. IT swaps a few lines around and will confuse the mess. I doubt
> the original cable is bad. More likely if the drives are really SA400(l)
> the positioner has slid from the notch it follows in the cam.

Hm. Drive B was a Shugart (I think -- not a 400 but the half-height version)
but the new drive B is a TEC drive. I'm skeptical that both drives would have
the same problems. I thought the new drive was unused (though I could be
wrong about that).

These errors are sporadic, and it could be that writing will mess up my
chances of doing subsequent reads -- not sure if reading alone causes errors.
But it could be something entirely different (perhaps I screwed up putting
the terminating-resistor pack in the right way?)

> it's not a pc, no progrmming option. The half twist was so two identical
> drives would work without changing jumpers. Everyone else made you change
> jumpers.

Well, yes, but that means people could have four drives and set up the system
the way they wanted to. I'd rather change the jumpers.

Which pins are swapped? If I read the manual right, they are:

10 drive select 1 -> 16
11 ground -> 15
12 drive select 2 -> 14
13 ground -> 13
14 drive select 3 -> 12
15 ground -> 11
16 motor on -> 10

-- Derek
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