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From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Jul 27 07:58:25 1998

Electronic music:

One item I reported I had was not from PCC-77 but instead an obscure
event known as the Philadephia Computer Music Festival in 78. That was an
effort of Creative computing. It featured music from:

RCA COSMAC VIP system with 4k and super soundboard.
ALF a system of up to 8 boards one per voice for s100.
SSMSB-1 S100 that could be used in groups.
Notran done at NCSU on an ambilog 200 (obscure 30 bit machine).
Software techology on SOL20
Schertz S100 based hardware
Newtech system another s100 card basically a DAC.
BEll labs Computer speach as featured at the 1964 NY Worlds Fair.

Name of programmer/performers:
Mel Richman
Joe Weisbecker
Gooitzen van der Wal
Andrew Modia
John Ridges
Malcolm Wright and Steve North
Hal Chamberlin
David Ahl
Donanld Schertz
Dorothy Siegal
D.H.Van Lenten

That list is also a whos who of early pre PC computing.

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