Moog (on topic, too...)

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Jul 27 07:58:50 1998

< You mentioned Wendy (?) Carlos in a previous msg. Was this a slip or wa
< this the wife of the well-known synthesiser-master Walter Carlos who di
< the sound-track for "Clock-Work Orange " ?

Riddle, she is his own sister and self.

< Somewhat more back on topic , Megan let slip that you designed an inter
< for the "Mark 11". Would it a major undertaking to build an A-D converte

No that was the PDP-11. I wouldn't know a mark-11 from a brick.

< take the VCO off an analogue synth and convert it to MIDI or to sample o
< record it ? And my ST is over 10 years old !! : ^ ))

Seems the hard way was as most PCs with sound record can do that. The
problem of doing straight A/d is the host computer has to be fast enough
to support 22,000 or greater samples a second and enough memory to store
it all. Midi is not fast enough to sample/reproduce straight a/d or d/a
sound wich is why all midi devices that are reproducers are self

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