The Moog

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Mon Jul 27 20:54:38 1998

> I intend to pick up
> a CR writer in the next few months and the main purpose is to transfer
> material from vinyl and mylar -- its use as a computer peripheral is
> secondary

Why bother? All of that stuff is now on real CDs. In fact, I am always
amazed at what gets reissued, sometimes by the big media giants, but often
on independents. The last interesting reissue I saw (and was foolish
enough NOT to buy) was Roger Powell's "Air Pocket" (sort of early synth
guy, part of Rundgren's Utopia, general computer geek, now works at SGI).

OK, now to a classic computer - synthesizer link...

One of the many 25 cent junkbin LPs I purchased over the years, "Digital
Stimulation" by a 1980 California band called Units, contained a promo
glossy of the band posing in front of a true classic - a rather tired
looking DEC KA-10. I suppose at the time the photo was shot the machine
had logged a good ten years of service.

Another, "The Hacker" by ClockDva contains a very nice photo of one of the
Connection Machines, probably a CM-1.

William Donzelli
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