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Date: Mon Jul 27 20:22:43 1998

Allison J Parent wrote:
> through my parents Record collection and found a record that is Moog mus
> < It was something I was looking for, as it was so unusual that I remembe
> < when my dad brought it home over 20 years ago.
> <
> < Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows anything about what kind of hardw
> < was used for this?
> Most of the early Moog work was done an ANALOG synths using multitrack
> recording as most were not polytonic machines. Names of people who did
> commercial work were Wendy Carlos, Iaso Tomita and Claude Denjean to name
> some in my collection (Vinyl). The classic was Switched on Bach, Carlos.
> Some had primitive sequencers but it would not be until the late 70s that
> the computer->synth connection would start to really get out of the lab.

I _think_ I've got the entire Wendy (nee Walter) Carlos collection in
vinyl, along with Tomita's magnificent work (that horrible coral pink
"Bermuda Triangle" disk with music that overcame the fact that you had
to look at the disk to put it on the turntable). I intend to pick up
a CR writer in the next few months and the main purpose is to transfer
material from vinyl and mylar -- its use as a computer peripheral is
secondary (though non-trivial, as I want to make solid archives of a
bunch of old Tandy software among other things).
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