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> I _think_ I've got the entire Wendy (nee Walter) Carlos collection in
> vinyl, along with Tomita's magnificent work (that horrible coral pink
> "Bermuda Triangle" disk with music that overcame the fact that you had
> to look at the disk to put it on the turntable). I intend to pick up
> a CR writer in the next few months and the main purpose is to transfer
> material from vinyl and mylar -- its use as a computer peripheral is
> secondary (though non-trivial, as I want to make solid archives of a
> bunch of old Tandy software among other things).
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I, too, have the Bermuda Triangle LP, but if I remember correctly I have two
copies -- one pressed in pink vinyl and one pressed in blue.

BTW -- has anyone ever tried to decode the encoded message on that album?
I've always wanted to see what it said, but I always lacked the necessary
Tarbell cassette interface to read it.

As an aside, My personal favorite of the early synth years is Larry Fast and his
Synergy project.
Paul Braun
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