From: Poesie <>
Date: Tue Jul 28 01:39:15 1998

I didn't realize there was such a major difference between how CRT
signals are sent and LCD signals are... I guess you learn something
every day, right? although somehow blowing 250 bucks for an ISA card to
drive my LCD seems a bit excessive... I think i would just buy a whole
laptop sysbd first :)


Doug Yowza wrote:
> > Is it possible to take a "standard" svga type lcd display and wire it
> > to a typical SVGA video card? How does it differ inside a laptop that
> > has both an external SVGA adapter and the internal LCD connection? I'd
> > love to use some of these LCD displays I have in some systems. any info
> > would be appreciated.

> Yeah, it'd be nice to use all of the cheap classic LCD plannels out there
> as low-energy desktop displays. All you need is a little hardware. There
> are two basic routes: get an LCD controller card for your PC, or get a
> VGA-to-LCD converter. I haven't found cheap sources for either, though.
> A coupla examples:
> -- Doug
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