Linux World Domination!

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Tue Jul 28 05:54:12 1998

>>> [Linux World Domination]

>>> Y'know, once we get that user-friendly stuff happening, we're gonna
>>> kick windows's ass.
>>> User friendly + reliable + free = the next killer O/S.
>>> Windows will simply have no way to compete and still turn a profit.
>> One name: ApplixWare. Go find it and install it. That'll provide you
>> with all the user-friendliness you want.

> Yup. Redhat Applixware running under Caldera 1,2 with Redhad/Triteal
> CDE. Beats the crap of my NT system at work with Office '97 in both
> user-friendly and stable. IMAO of course.

Ever tried KDE - IMHO the best attempt to get a whole
desktop environment - and its public. (And try StarOffice
as office suite -> you'll never think again about MS,
especialy since SO is also availabe for Win3.1/95/NT
_and_ OS/2).

Ever tried (DR-)DOS and GEM ? _TONS_ of good old and some new soft!


Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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