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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Tue Jul 28 20:33:53 1998

Doug Spence wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, Ward Donald Griffiths III wrote:
> > > Uhhh... I still use a rotary dial telephone, with extremely loud clanger.
> > > Not in my room, but the household's main phone is one 'o those. It's the
> > > only 'public' one in the house, all the other ones sit in someone's
> > > bedroom.
> >
> > One thing that can be said for those ancient Western Electric clunkers
> ^^^^^^^
> Mine's a Northern Electric clunker. :)

I guess Northern Electric might could have been the marketing arm in
the GWN for WE kit -- Western Electric was the major manufacturing
division of AT&T back in the bad old monopoly days -- though people
moved back and forth between WE and Teletype and Ma Bell with little
difficulty, just pick up the folder at Personnel and go. Bell Labs
invented things, Western Electric or Teletype built them, AT&T
corporate sold the stock and the services.
> Is there a Classic Telephony list? This thing seems to have been
> constructed in the 50s.

Haven't seen it, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised. Hell, my wife
has joined no less than four lists dedicated to "Beanie Babies". If
you think _this_ list gets traffic ... the world is hooked on
cuteness and I didn't have to die to go to hell.
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