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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <gram_at_cnct.com>
Date: Tue Jul 28 20:56:17 1998

Bill/Carolyn Pechter wrote:
> > I also ran across an HP 700/x X-Terminal. Does anybody know anything about
> > these? It looks like it will run a standard 15-pin VGA monitor. It's dirt
> > cheap and I'd LOVE to have an another xterm around the house. Any info?

> They're pretty nice. They should run 1024x768 SVGA's without too much
> problem. They use an keyboard that looks like an HP PS/2 keyboard.
> I don't know where you'd get the software for it -- perhaps HP still
> supports it or makes it downloadable from the net.

It should take standard X instructions from damned near anything, be
it Solaris, HP/ux, AIX, Linux or even AT&T Unix. Without docs it
might be tricky to set up the networking -- that's one place where X
terminal manufacturers never got even close to concensus. But the
ROM should have the needed X-server code.
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