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> This is the second time I am emailing Both times,
> they have given me an automated reply that I should use


Try that PS/2 port with a straight ps/2 to din 5 adapter if you don't
have a ps/2 plug on keyboard.

Oh, you can assume compaq on-line tech support as crap and head
straight for nearby repair depot that is authorized by compaq.
These depots is clearly marked on their doors or in their windows as
said so and have placards saying same thing. That is as opposed to
reseller authorized which is only selling machines only.

They will and can sell you compaq parts that you need to fix your
machine if they have a catolog or a computer based cd catolog.

I was shocked at $175 (or was that $75) tag for LTE 386s/20 keyboard
replacement nearly 3 years ago.

That is only way to get needed info and parts. MAKE SURE to grab
the "Spares p/n #" and it's marked on your keyboard itself with a
label if you don't like the price and this is needed for newsgroups
queries in order to obtain used keyboard assembly.

Jason D.
Pero, Jason D.
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