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Date: Tue Jul 28 21:01:43 1998

At 08:58 AM 7/27/98 -0400, Allison wrote:
>Electronic music:
>One item I reported I had was not from PCC-77 but instead an obscure
>event known as the Philadephia Computer Music Festival in 78. That was an
>effort of Creative computing. It featured music from:
I hope it wasn't too obscure! I had an exhibit in the 1980 one which was
called the "Personal Computer Arts Festival". The music was the first day,
visual art the second. For your interest, the music program was:

Hal Chamberlin, High quality music synthesis outside of real-time using

Laurie Speigel, Computer Composition systems.

Rob Moore, The Apple orchestra.

Joe Wilson, Computer control of an analog synthesizer.

Steve Levine, A collection of computer music experiments for the hobbyist.

Bill Mauchly, A discussion of timbre in computer music synthesis.

Roger Meyers, A synopsis of computer music composition and techniques
from MUSIC 5 to the Synclavier.

Rebecca Mercuri, Digital sound research at RCA.

Kevin Doren, The Crumar gwneral development system; a large scale
digital synthesizer.

Jon Bondy, The Casheab 32 voice synthesizer for the S-100 bus.

Stuart Newfeld, A disk based music editor and four voice synthesizer for the
S-100 bus.

Ellen Lapham, Charles Kellner, The Alpha Syntauri computer music keyboard.

Cliff Ashcraft, Frank Covitz, Enhanced software for music synthesis using the

AB Computers, The visible music monitor.

The evening concert was by:
Laurie Spiegal, Hal Chamberlin, Rob Moore, and Frank Covitz & Cliff Ashcraft.

Hal C. played (in real time, of course) Bach's T. and Fugue in D minor from
a 12.5Mb file, a lot of floppy swapping.
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