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> That price may be very much on the high side, but at least the spares
> are available and they are capable of tracking them down and selling
> them to you. With many high tech companies effectively changing their
> entire staff every couple of years, sometimes you're lucky to find
> someone who even remembers that the product line once existed.

True to some degree on cost-wise and twice I was quoted for cache
modules for early 486 valuepoint and for Deskpro/I series. Just one
cache module sold as new from that place I have is enough to buy a
used decent 486dx 100 notebook.

Staff turnover rate, is very low for this one we have. This is
Microage and some of them is been there even remained after moving to
present location couple years ago from their original place that they
opened in late '70's I think.

So they knew nearly everything they're authorized to repair on:
apple, hp, compaq and ibm, clones recently. Even there was
another building that IBM moved out nearly 5 years ago was there way
before '70's and last time I visited there for fun and they're using
IBM XT's in '90's! Their sign is individually mounted, old style "I
B M" in blue without that lines I think.

Jason D.

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