toshiba T3100/20 20mb RLL HDD

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Wed Jul 29 18:25:57 1998

At 11:15 AM 7/29/98 -0700, you wrote:
>> 3.5" 20MB Hard Disk Drive (T3100/20)
>> JVC : JD3824ROTO
>> Number of heads: 4
>> Number of cylinders: 612
>Roger, those numbers don't sound right. At the very least, that should
>be a 30mb drive. But with the number of sectors that they are packing
>onto a disk these days, it would doubtless be much higher.

Wasn't that the same number of heads & cylinders as an ST-225? But that
was MFM and this is "2-7 RLL", so I think you're right, RLL oughta give you
30mb... But, that's straight from Toshiba's specs file for the T3100 &

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