Near disaster and questions on finds

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Wed Jul 29 18:25:58 1998

The other day I was mucking around in the room I store most (some,
according to my girlfriend 8^) of my collection, and all of a sudden one of
the shelves holding a bunch of Toshibas, collapsed. Luckily, I was there
and was able to keep them from crashing to the floor, but still...

Upon closer inspection, it looks like the shelf with (some of) the GRiD's
is about ready to go as well. These are those metal shelves you get at
Target for $8 on sale.

So, I guess my question is, how to others store their collection? Keep in
mind that I'm in San Francisco, and that Earthquakes are an issue. Thanks!

Oh, and latest finds: another Panasonic Senior Partner (I really need the
specs on these if ya got 'em!) and one of those HP ThinkJets which I'm
actually gonna hook up to my Dad's computer (as soon as I figure out where
all those printer cables I use to have are!)

Most interesting was a Cable Demodulator. Yep, not a MOdulator/DEModulator
(MODEM), but just a Demodulator. Apparently, TCI at one time sent out a
free signal on the cable that could be read by anyone with a PC and one of
these boxes. So, anyone know if they still do that, and what software one
would need?

I also picked up a Mobidem, sans cable, of course, which appears to be a
radio modem made by Ericsson. If anyone has any info on this....

Last but not least, a Datasonix Pereos tape drive. It's a little unit not
much bigger than a microcassette that is supposed to be able to back up a
GB on a single cartridge. Unfortunately, I got no tapes with it, and the
only source I've found so far ( is pretty pricey
considering I don't know if it works. Anyone know of a cheaper source for
these tapes?


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