ps/2 m50z setup

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> << I'm trying to setup the HPscanjet on my ps/2 and of course the startup
> is complaining about the new interface. I have the refdisk for the ps/2
> but not the required setup disk for the scanject interface. Any
> suggestions?
> Until I crack this the system will not boot with the card in place
> unless, is there is a bypass procedure? >>
> what you are missing is the .adf file for the option you installed. you need
> to copy the .adf file to the reference disk and then run auto config. you
> might want to post on and see if anyone knows what
> the filename is for the option you installed.

Peter Wendt in Germany has a Microchannel Enthusiasts Page at and has a program for free download
known as QBMCA that will look at the adapter cards and show the ID and name info
for each card. Once you know the ID number, he also has a ton of ADF's (unless
HP has a newer one on their support site). If the card comes up as, say, 5D1F
then you need to get _5D1F.ADF and rename it to _at_5D1F.ADF and put it either on
your reference disk or a disk by itself, then when prompted by the reference
program you give it the disk with the proper ADF and it will copy and use the
file as needed. Viola! You have a functional machine again.

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