Another TK50z Question

From: Stan Pietkiewicz <>
Date: Thu Jul 30 20:20:30 1998

Zane H. Healy wrote:

> >I've picked up a TK50z-ga (TK50 in a box with a SCSI bridge card
> >inside)
> >recently. The scsi controller in my *c does see it, but the board/drive
> >doesn't return any id when probed. What I'd like to do is pull the TK50
> >and put in a TK70 (for anonther system, not the 486).
> >The question of the day is: Are the two drives interface compatible?
> OK, by *c I'm guessing you mean PC, or to put it another way a PC running
> some kind of Microsoft OS. If this is correct I'd say you are out of luck.

You're right on that guess. I just had it plugged into the 486 to see if it
would show up on a scsi inquiry, indicating some chance of working......

> I seem to rememeber reading a few months back about someone having limited
> success getting a PC running Linux to access one, but couldn't get it to
> function properly. I believe the problem is with the way DEC designed the
> SCSI bridge.
> The TK50 and TK70 require separate controllers.


> Now the question of the day is why you would want to waste them on a PC
> when you could attach them to a nice VAX! :^)

I was really planning on hooking it up to my Alpha :-}) , which is why a little
more than ~90MB of tape would be nice....What I was thinking is using the Alpha
(axpci33 running NetBSD) to write a boot tape for the MV3600. Looks like it's
net boot time....If I could afford one, I'd be looking at a DLT2000 or 4000.
But then again, they won't write tapes that the tk70 in the MV3600 can read...



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