Another TK50z Question

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Jul 30 23:05:14 1998

>> Now the question of the day is why you would want to waste them on a PC
>> when you could attach them to a nice VAX! :^)
>I was really planning on hooking it up to my Alpha :-}) , which is why a

Oh, in that case you're forgiven :^)

>more than ~90MB of tape would be nice....What I was thinking is using the
>(axpci33 running NetBSD) to write a boot tape for the MV3600. Looks like it's

Actually it might not matter if it's only 90Mb. Unless I'm mistaken
doesn't NetBSD only support TK50's on the VAX? I've no idea as to what it
supports under Alpha's. You might want to get ahold of the people doing
the Alpha port, they've probably got a better idea on this one.

>net boot time....If I could afford one, I'd be looking at a DLT2000 or 4000.
>But then again, they won't write tapes that the tk70 in the MV3600 can

Good luck on the net boot. I gave that a try, and gave up once I got VMS.
Of course I think part of my problem was corrupt tar files.

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