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Date: Thu Jul 30 20:13:59 1998

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> In Tim Robbins novel "Even Cowgirls" , the "Chink" quotes the Indians as
>saying they knew the white man was crazy but not so completely bonkers
>as to live in such a place when they had had demonstrations of the quakes

Well, Quakes can be interesting, but really what they mean is your
house/office/whatever is going to be better built than elsewhere, and you
grow up with an instinctive eye for not putting breakables in precarious
places. Besides, I'd rather live somewhere that had occassional
earthquakes rather than a regular tornado, hurricane, or blizzard season...

A lot of people suggested stronger shelves, which would be a good idea
except that we're talking 7 sets of shelves (plus a whole lot of computers
that I keep promising my girlfriend will get put in there) so $50/set is a
lot of dough. Does anyone have any experience with overloading the plastic
shelves? We have some running around here, but I don't know how strong
they are.

As for starting what will end up on the floor on the floor, that would be
cool too, but I only have so much floor space (The house across the street
just went on the market -- 2700 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, yard: $695K, and no, I
don't live in a rich neighborhood.) and everybody pisses and moans as it is
about the computers strewn throughout the house already. 8^)

A lot of people suggested chicken wire or bungees to hold things on the
shelves, which prompted me to think of a low-cost solution my GF's
sister-in-law came up with: twine. Lace twine around/through the vertical
supports. Surplus phone wire or such would work too, I think.

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