Dead keys on C64

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Jul 31 07:03:55 1998

> Well I landed an amazing C64 software score, with boxed sets of Ultima I,
> all the Zork series, Neuromancer, an editor assembler package, a koala pad, a
> bunch of joysticks, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember. The boxes and
> manuals are in almost _pristine_ condition! Didn't pay a dime... one of the
> guys I work with was amazed that I liked this stuff and pulled it out of his
> basement to give to me for a beer. Well, OK; I paid a beer. ;-)

Ooooh expensive :)

> Problem: I just noticed the C64 seems to have these dead keys '5, 7, 9,
> and 0'. Looks to me like a dead bit on the keyboard controller, but I must
> confess to ignorance on the internal details of how the C64 accepts key
> presses. Can anyone give an overview, and would anyone know of a fix?

Hmm if it is only about this keys, it cant be a dead line.
But for C64 it is still about to throw the unit away - (I
just hauled 12 C64 from a school today) they are $5 thingis.
Or store it as spare part (and they are worth about USD 50
as replacement parts). I wouls sugest a rapair only if it
is about a special unti of personal history/interest.


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