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From: Julian Richardson <JRichardson_at_softwright.co.uk>
Date: Fri Jul 31 05:20:00 1998

>> I was at a computer junk store the other day and saw a long flat
>> computer case/box; about 3 inches high, about 18 wide and 10 long. It
>> was some sort of unix terminal/system/something, because it still had a
>> label with the network host name etc on it.
>> BUT-
>> it said m88k on it!

hmm, sounds like the exact size of an Xterminal that I have somewhere
that uses an '88k CPU. Let me know if you grab it an get it working,
from what I remember if it's the same as mine it needs boot images on
the server off which it hangs in order to run - the ROMs only have
enough info to boot the network system. If it is the same machine, it'll
take standard 72 pin SIMMS and an IBM PC keyboard (with a PS/2 style
connector). Memory's hazy, but I think it had a custom 15-pin connector
at the back, but it threw out standard frequencies that could be used
with a Sun workstation monitor...

I did find some info on the web for the box, it's possible I have it at
home - just give me a shout...

As for things using '88k's, My old Tektronix XD88 Unix box also used one
as it's main CPU. I think they're supposed to be a lot better chips than
68k's, just that they never really caught on - 68k's were too well
established (and therefore a lot cheaper).


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