Artistic Computers (was: Re: Lost Treasures (was: Cray-1))

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Fri May 1 07:32:13 1998

Okay, first, where do we stop with the 'was:' things as an interesting
thread evolves!?
There may be a limit to number of nested parentheses in a subject line! ;-)

At 16:52 30-04-98 -0500, Doug Yowza <> wrote:
>On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Christian Fandt wrote:
>> Thankfully, the metal/plastic boxes our old computers were made with have
>> virtually no value as 'interior decorations' (yet). However, there could be
>> exceptions for maybe a couple of models. I recall some list members here
>> had commented upon some as being rather attractive in appearance. I haven't
>> come across those yet.
>Hmm, a list of computers that look good enough to display as art? Here's
>mine (most are laptops):
>IMSAI 8080
>GRiD Compass
>Ampere WS1
>MINDSET PC (good enough for MOMA, anyway)
>NeXT Cube
>eMate 300
>-- Doug

Anybody know of a URL or printed reference to a photo of an Ampere, MINDSET
or eMate machine? Heard of them and I would like to see what they're like.
I have somewhere in my archives old Popular Electronics and Byte mags which
I'm sure show the others on Doug's list. Those NeXT machines were indeed
pleasing to look at. I wish I could find one nearby here to see up close
or/and purchase.

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