Artistic Computers (was: Re: Lost Treasures (was: Cray-1))

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Fri May 1 20:41:48 1998

> >Hmm, a list of computers that look good enough to display as art? Here's
> >mine (most are laptops):
> >
> >IMSAI 8080
> >GRiD Compass
> >Ampere WS1
> >MINDSET PC (good enough for MOMA, anyway)
> >NeXT Cube
> >eMate 300

The big iron, well, tends to be just a bit too big for art, but the
cube-shaped Connection Machines surely belong on the list. Crays,
especially the newer ones, are quite pleasing to look at.

Computervision racks had strips of finished hardwood running down the
front panel, just for looks. Too bad the rest of the machine was rather

Speaking of which, what are the ugliest machines?

William Donzelli
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