Wang PC XC3-2

From: Charles A. Davis <>
Date: Sun May 3 11:03:30 1998

Sam Ismail wrote:
> Ok, what do you all know about the Wang PC XC3-2 circa 1984? I got one
> today. Unfortunately it was just the system itself with no documentation,
> but I did get some software. This one has a 5.25" disk drive and a
> half-height hard drive.

Hi Sam:
Not certain the model numbers match, but back in that era, I was doing
some programming (in BASIC) as a volunteer effort at one of the local
college libraries. I ran into something that caused a bit of trouble.

I was doing things up 'right', with 'help' screens, etc. To trigger
these things, I was trapping the 'key codes'. The problem??? If I
entered BASIC via Wang's windows type interface, the 'key codes' for the
'help' key were one thing, If I just went to a "C:/" prompt, and entered
BASIC, the key codes were entirely different. (NOT sub/super sets of
each other, DIFFERENT). This was a real 'head scratcher' till I figured
out what was happening.

If you never try and do anything in BASIC on the machine, you will never
run into the problem. But if you 'whip off a quickie' in BASIC, you may
bump your head.

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