'Classic' typewriter?

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_jps.net>
Date: Sun May 3 11:11:34 1998

        Yes, you read correctly. One of the local thrift stores turned up a Xerox
'MemoryWriter 630' for all of $8.00. Since I was in the market for
something to fill out forms with, and curious about the MW series in any
case, I picked it up (with a grunt -- these are not light!).

        It's built very robustly inside, and appears to be based heavily on the
8085 chip. The design and layout resemble (no surprise) the Diablo 630
series daisywheel terminals. A good vacuuming and a little oiling later and
it works just great. Original manufacture date is around 1984 (based on the
date codes I found on the components).

        No CRT on this one, though I understand that was one option. If anyone
happens to have a user's guide, accessories, options, or diskettes for this
beast, please let me know.

        Thanks in advance.

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