Microsoft BASIC 80 non-disclosure agreement

From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Tue May 5 15:53:28 1998


If a company discontinues a product,
I generally won't hold it against them.

If a company discontinues support on a product,
while this is upsetting, if it's an old
product, I won't hold it against them.

But if they have the gall to discontinue a product,
cut off all support, and then refuse to supply source listings,
drawings, or whatever because "It's proprietary" . . . .

You bet your ass I'm gonna raise Holy Hell, flame them at every
opportunity, and discourage ANYONE from doing business with them.
The management of such companies should be burned at the stake.


We now return you to our regularly scheduled program . . .

> Hotze wrote:
> > Anyway, lets call, e-mail, fax, walk up and talk to, etc. people at
> > various companies and talk about tech support, etc. for old OLD products.
> There are a few companies that openly share information on any and all products
> they've ever made. AST comes to mind most of all. You can call an 800 number to
> access the touch tone system for Fax Facts and they send your fax machine
> whatever data sheets you need, on their dime.
> On the other hand others, like ArtiSoft, are barely supporting the products
> they're selling at presently without some sort of 900 number for what they call
> support.
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