RSX-11 Disk Images anyone?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue May 5 16:36:41 1998

<be interested. Will they be SYSGEN-able? That's one thing I miss in
<the RT-11 image that came with the emulator. But I'm not going to look
<a gift horse in the mouth.

Rt-11 does not require sysgening like RSX or RSTS So just the binaries of
the standard monitors (SJ, FB, XM and BJ) and the standard drivers
is all that's needed to use it effectively. RT-11 really only requires
the disk used to boot to have the boot blocks installed (copy/boot)
and it will run on all PDP11s and most all disks. Known disks supported
in v5 were the all the RXnn drives regardless of controller
(rx01/2/3/50/33) all the RD drives, RK drives, pro350(DW/DZ), TU58
tape(bootable and useable as system device) and most of the mag tapes.
V5 includes a ramdisk called VM that can even be booted assuming you have
plenty of ram. An 11/23 with 1meg ram running RT11FB will have plenty of
space in VM (about 1900 blocks) for a useful system. I know as I run it
on 11/03, 11/23, 11/73 using RL02, RD5x, RX50, RX33, rx02, TU58 and VM:.
A useable system fits on any 256k(497 blocks) dual device (tu58 or RX01).
A rx50(800blocks) system is fairly roomy. Any hard disk is fast and
plenty of room even small 5meg(10,000 blocks) RD50s. The full V5 kit
minus .mac files fits in about 4-5000 blocks. Removing the unused drivers
and other misc files really cuts this down. A block is 512bytes.

I didn't mention but RT-11 is NOT a memory hog and even a PDP-11 with
16kw can run a useful system. Being a low fat OS it is also very fast
permitting even slow PDP-11 processors a chance to look good. It's
basic commands look just like PC dos.

An emulated V4 system should be useable to do PDP-11 program development
and run standard monitors. the minimum hardware needed is any PDP11
(even the falcon card!) 16kw ram, mass storage (floppy or hard disk)
and at least one DL serial line (console). The boot an even be toggled
by hand.

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