Panasonic Senior Partner

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Tue May 5 22:12:11 1998

Well, I scored a Panasonic Senior Partner (IBM-compatible luggable) with a
20meg HD. No matter what the product, I always like what Panasonic
manufactures. The design and (physical) user interface of stuff they
make just works for me.

Anyway, this one came complete with Rogue, Nethack and Mahjong installed.
I just enjoyed a splendid game of Rogue which I haven't played in ages
(made it to Level 8, Warrior with about 2500 gold).

It also had some C code, some unix utils in C:\BIN and a file pertaining
to Apollo workstations. Seems this machine used to be owned by a Unix
hacker for sure.

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