Prototype Apple //c found

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed May 6 01:13:19 1998

Of course everything I've dragged home in the last few months simply pales
in comparison to the prototype Apple //c I brought home today.

I was on my way back to work in the early afternoon and was trying to
decide if I should stop at my favorite thrift store on the way which would
put me in traffic, or if I should cut across the hills to get back
quicker. I thought to myself that there may just be something at the
thrift store that would make the trip worth it, so the thoughts of finding
something cool won over my need to get back to the office. This is one
case where I'm glad I let my irrational urges get the best of me.

The first thing I saw when I got to the electronics section was an Apple
//c, and I thought to myself, " I want another //c?" (since I
have like 3 already). But when I picked it up I noticed something strange
about it. The case was smooth instead of having the normal texture. I
flipped it over and noticed there was a small green sticker on the bottom
instead of the normal grey one with the Apple //c wording and part
numbers, etc. The sticker read "Apple Computer Inc., PCSD MFG, 3087 North
First Street, San Jose, CA 95134" then the words "Prototype" and "Test
Equipment" with check boxes next to each. "Prototype" was checked off.
Of course phrases like "holy shit" went through my head. The label also
had a serial number of "P1160" and at the bottom was "WARNING: PROPRIETARY
PRODUCT". Now this was too cool for words to describe (<--- isn't that
deliciously nerdy?)

When I got home I opened it up along with a regular production //c and
started comparing the motherboards of the two. There were several minor
differences. Some silkscreen lettering was different and there were a
couple minor component changes, but nothing significant and for the most
part the board layout was identical.

I pulled out the power supply on the prototype and the production model
which unveiled the following:

          Prototype Production
          --------- ----------


          820-0115-0 820-0115-C

           (c) 1983 APPLE COMPUTER

        APPLE COMPUTER (c) 1983

Was "TERI" the codename for the Apple //c?

A couple other interesting differences: on the prototype, there was a
small board with the labeling "Apple Computer Network SKA156-00" in the
place near the serial port where on the production model is a simple
transistor pack. The "network" board simply has transistors on it. Also,
at location C19 on the proto is a 74LS161 whereas on the production there
is a 1.8432 Mhz crystal. On the proto, the CHAR GEN EPROM is socketed and
the system ROM is an EPROM with a sticker which has "v1.0 5/19 5F85"
written on it. Lastly, for the motherboard product number (all Apple
components have a product number in the form of xxx-xxxx-x) the proto had
6xx-xxxx-whereas the production has 612-0128-E.

Oh yeah, the proto had a spider living in the connector of the power
supply. Spiders find the stupidest places to spin their web. What the
hell did he expect to come crawling through there!? I was just going to
flick him off into the room but if my wife found him a couple days from
now she would've fainted, so I did away with the poor little sucker.

Here's where you envious types shoot yourself: I paid $2.98 for it.

I've found some of the best stuff in thrift stores, but this beats all.
It will be proudly displayed right next to my prototype Apple //gs at the
next Vintage Computer Festival.

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