From: Greg Troutman <>
Date: Wed May 6 18:09:49 1998

Bill Richman wrote:
> I was at the scrap yard yesterday, picking up some aluminum blocks to
> play with on my new CNC milling machine, and decided to take a stroll
> out where they occasionally dump old mainframe parts.

Well I can't quite match this tale of finding core memory at a junkyard,
but I did stop by a place exactly like you described a few weeks ago and
found 3 working CompuPro System 8/16s, 2 working Televideo 925s, several
external 8" drive boxes (4 FD and 2 HD) and assorted S-100 boards (256K
RAM, dual-processor, lots of neato things). Everything just strewn
about and comingling with car wreckage over a quarter of an acre
area... By the pound, 60 bucks. Don't just drive past those
places--stop in and say, "Hiya!"

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