Zenith Z90

From: Francois <fauradon_at_pclink.com>
Date: Wed May 6 20:13:14 1998

Well I'll be darned! I read those post wondering what the diference was
between a Z90 and a Zenith Z89 (Which is what I thought is what I had) just
to finally discover that I don't have a Z89 at all. Better change that entry
in the web site.
Now I'm going to have to check all my machines and make sure I have all the
model numbers right :) .
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>Z90). The Z90 was a Zenith Data Systems-branded machine which is Heath
>factory-built. It had a bit different setup than the factory-built or kit
>versions bought from Heath (the H-89). Don't quite know what those
>differences were though, but the H-89 and Z-90 were still very similar.
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