the new Apple iMac

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Thu May 7 18:10:42 1998

I can imagine a floppy disk stealing his college thesis. Pretty
likely, actually. AFAIK, though, NO NeXT has shipped with floppies,
but rather with MOs, which are pretty annoying because of the many
formats and price per disk.

Actually, if I were to design a computer, I would consider not
including a floppy drive, or at least making it so that it doesn't
depend on it.

Steve Jobs is known to hold grudges
>personally against floppies. Did a floppy drive try to kill his
>Insult his family? Steal his college thesis and claim it as its own?
>Whatever grievous harm a floppy drive has done to him in the past,
>it must have been quite bad for him to hold a grudge this long.
>> Tom

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