the new Apple iMac

From: Adam Jenkins <>
Date: Thu May 7 18:53:43 1998

Looks ok, but not really to my taste. But I can't see it having much
success - the problem in the consumer market (which I gather this is aimed
for) is that impressions count for everything. People think they want a
floppy, as all computers have one, a CD-Rom drive, and expansion. Whether
or not they actually need them is a moot point. I assume that version 2
will have the drives. Remember the reaction to the Apple ][c? It didn't
matter that all of the things most people wanted to add to the expansion
slots were already built into the computer - the ][ had expansion slots,
the ][+ had slots and the ][e had slots Therefore a lot of people weren't
interested in buying the ][c. It was still clearly a success, but this did
limit sales. The iMac is even worse.

It does follow with my impressions of Steve Jobs. He is indeed a man with
vision, but there is only really the one vision and he doesn't like anyone
elses. This isn't a bad thing, as it is a good idea, but I fear it is part
of the reason so many of the most interesting projects at Apple were cut.
They just didn't match Jobs' idea of what was worthwhile.

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