the new Apple iMac

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu May 7 21:38:16 1998

>On Thu, 7 May 1998, Sam Ismail wrote:
>> Anyone see the new Apple iMac unveiled today? I like it. Instant
>> classic.
>Is it just me, or does that thing look just like a DEC VT220?

You're the third person I've heard say that in the last two day's (I was
the first). If three people think it, it must be true :^) Hmmmm, wouldn't
that look cool sitting on top of my PDP-11/44 as the system console :^)

Gotta agree about the instant classic, but a lot of people think it's ugly,
and I'm inclined to agree, but am reserving judgement until I actually see

>BTW, how much are used 20th Aniversary Macs going for now?

Last I saw, MacMall was selling new ones for about $2000, but they aren't
in the catalogue that came today.

Me, I want the new laptop they announced yesterday. My PowerBook 520c has
a dead screen and the new laptop with 128Mb of RAM added would TOTALLY blow
my 8500/180 away! Drool! I like the more rounded design compared to
everything since the PowerBooks went PPC.

Now if only the G4's would come out so the G3 accelerators would drop to
next to nothing :^)


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