the new Apple iMac

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu May 7 21:49:47 1998

>If this new Mac has no removeable media, what happens when the hard
>drive breaks? How do you re-install the OS? Off the net? Catch-22, OS
>isn't running, no TCP/IP stack. Off the USB? OK, then the boot ROM
>supports bootable media from the USB? I'm impressed, even PCs don't

Guess again, you drop the CD in the CD-ROM drive and boot off the CD.
Furthermore, if it's attached to a network with a Rhapsody server, you
should be able to netboot it from the server.

Your sarcasm is uncalled for, have you ever even used a Mac, or at least a
modern one?

As for the floppy drive question, it doesn't need it, but Apple apparently
has a USB based floppy in the works.

Personally it looks like a pretty good little machine for it's intended
target. The only thing about it that I think is a mistake is it's lack of
an external SCSI port.


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