Low-end Unix (was: TI99: Anyone reading this with a TI-99/4A?)

From: Claudio Puviani <ClaudioPuviani_at_sprintmail.com>
Date: Fri May 8 00:21:57 1998

Ward Griffiths wrote:

> Somebody may have ported something similar to OS-9 the Mod 100, but
> no way this side of Hell would it run anything like a real Unix --
> even Radio Shack's first Xenix had a 70k kernel.

To quote Dennis Ritchie: "On the PDP-7 UNIX system everything was written in
assembly language... we only had 4k words of memory for user programs on the

Clearly, a Model 100 would have been a much more powerful system for hosting
the first version of UNIX. Even the PDP-11 that eventually replaced the
PDP-7 could address at most 64k. I guess that must have been a way on the
OTHER side of Hell.

Claudio Puviani
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