From: Wirehead Prime <>
Date: Sun May 10 17:49:04 1998

Over the next several weeks I will be liquidating my collection of
antique computers. I won't go into the reasons why except to say that
the reasons for doing so are not bad. In other words, I'm not being
forced to do it by bad circumstances. I'll leave it at this: I need the
space in my home to expand a business venture that has brought me a great
deal of genuine happiness over the last few months.

I will be liquidating the following:

TRS-80 Model III with Software

Northstar Horizon with spare CPU card and a spare grungy chassis

2 Commodore 128 computers and 1 1571 disk drive and some miscellaneous
    Commodore peripherals

2 Commodore 64 computers with no PSs in unknown condition

Ohio Scientific Challenger in working condition with keyboard and monitor

Computer Systems Associations Micro 68000 Development System

TEI 22 slot S100 backplane

2 small boxes of S100 cards including an IMSAI cpu board, several static
ram cards, a Disk Jockey II disk controller and several others

An entire shelf of S100 and CPM documentation including manuals for the
IMSAI (original) and the Altair (copies)

Epson QX-10 working with all software including CP/M 2.2, no printer

Xerox 820 system, with spare motherboards, 2 8" drives, monitors and
spare keyboards

PDP-11/34 with RK05f and RK05j

and last but certainly NOT least

3 PDP-8i systems, one cpu only, one with a high speed paper tape reader
punch and one with a DECtape drive, lots of spare parts, full
documentation including schematic print sets, DEC OS/8 on paper tape and
several boxes of home-grown software on paper tape...includes ASR-33
Teletype in good condition - all condition unknown, not recommended for
the beginning retrocomputerist

GNT Paper tape reader/punch that connects to RS-232 with manual and a
roll of black paper tape

Now for what I want out of this stuff...

Of course, cash is acceptable. I'll also accept trades for pre-press
equipment like Linotype-Hell imagesetting equipment, RIPs and/or media
developers/processors, small sheet-fed presses, black and white flatbed
scanners suitable for a Macintosh, Quark Xpress 3.x up for the Mac,
binding equipment like sheet collators or edge staplers, CD-ROM drive
(any speed) for Macintosh, Macintosh font collections, digital
duplicators, photocopiers and/or laser printers etc. If you think it's
useful for preparing or printing a newsletter/magazine, I may be
interested in it.

Bet you can't guess what kind of business I'm involved in... =-)

In some cases, I'll donate the equipment to a good home if I think it's
warranted. The only thing I can't donate is the PDP-8s as I have a
significant investment in them and need to get $250-$300 each from them
on average to recover my retrieval costs.

Buyer/trader must either pay shipping costs from Des Moines, Iowa to your
location or come to Des Moines to pick the items up. The PDPs will all
have to be picked up as each is in a 6' tall rack about 24 inches wide
and deep.

All bids and trade offers should be made via private email as this is the
only public posting I'll make. I'm not going to make up any complex
rules about what bid I'll select or deadlines etc. But if I say you got
it for a specific price/trade and a higher one comes in, well that's just
too bad for me. So don't expect an IMMEDIATE answer on your bid.

If you need more information/specifics on an item, send me private email
and I'll give you all the info I can to help you make a decision.

Let the frenzy begin!!! =-)

Anthony Clifton - Wirehead

PS: I'll be discontinuing the website at in a
month or so I can focus all my resources on the new venture.
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