From: George Rachor <>
Date: Tue May 12 17:51:15 1998

Greetings Anthony,

Can you tell me more about your Ohio Scientific Challenger?
Cassette based? Disk basked? 8/5.25?

George Rachor

George L. Rachor
Beaverton, Oregon

On Sun, 10 May 1998, Wirehead Prime wrote:

> Over the next several weeks I will be liquidating my collection of
> antique computers. I won't go into the reasons why except to say that
> the reasons for doing so are not bad. In other words, I'm not being
> forced to do it by bad circumstances. I'll leave it at this: I need the
> space in my home to expand a business venture that has brought me a great
> deal of genuine happiness over the last few months.
> I will be liquidating the following:
> TRS-80 Model III with Software
> Northstar Horizon with spare CPU card and a spare grungy chassis
> 2 Commodore 128 computers and 1 1571 disk drive and some miscellaneous
> Commodore peripherals
> 2 Commodore 64 computers with no PSs in unknown condition
> Ohio Scientific Challenger in working condition with keyboard and monitor
> Computer Systems Associations Micro 68000 Development System
> TEI 22 slot S100 backplane
> 2 small boxes of S100 cards including an IMSAI cpu board, several static
> ram cards, a Disk Jockey II disk controller and several others
> An entire shelf of S100 and CPM documentation including manuals for the
> IMSAI (original) and the Altair (copies)
> Epson QX-10 working with all software including CP/M 2.2, no printer
> Xerox 820 system, with spare motherboards, 2 8" drives, monitors and
> spare keyboards
> PDP-11/34 with RK05f and RK05j
> and last but certainly NOT least
> 3 PDP-8i systems, one cpu only, one with a high speed paper tape reader
> punch and one with a DECtape drive, lots of spare parts, full
> documentation including schematic print sets, DEC OS/8 on paper tape and
> several boxes of home-grown software on paper tape...includes ASR-33
> Teletype in good condition - all condition unknown, not recommended for
> the beginning retrocomputerist
> GNT Paper tape reader/punch that connects to RS-232 with manual and a
> roll of black paper tape
> Now for what I want out of this stuff...
> Of course, cash is acceptable. I'll also accept trades for pre-press
> equipment like Linotype-Hell imagesetting equipment, RIPs and/or media
> developers/processors, small sheet-fed presses, black and white flatbed
> scanners suitable for a Macintosh, Quark Xpress 3.x up for the Mac,
> binding equipment like sheet collators or edge staplers, CD-ROM drive
> (any speed) for Macintosh, Macintosh font collections, digital
> duplicators, photocopiers and/or laser printers etc. If you think it's
> useful for preparing or printing a newsletter/magazine, I may be
> interested in it.
> Bet you can't guess what kind of business I'm involved in... =-)
> In some cases, I'll donate the equipment to a good home if I think it's
> warranted. The only thing I can't donate is the PDP-8s as I have a
> significant investment in them and need to get $250-$300 each from them
> on average to recover my retrieval costs.
> Buyer/trader must either pay shipping costs from Des Moines, Iowa to your
> location or come to Des Moines to pick the items up. The PDPs will all
> have to be picked up as each is in a 6' tall rack about 24 inches wide
> and deep.
> All bids and trade offers should be made via private email as this is the
> only public posting I'll make. I'm not going to make up any complex
> rules about what bid I'll select or deadlines etc. But if I say you got
> it for a specific price/trade and a higher one comes in, well that's just
> too bad for me. So don't expect an IMMEDIATE answer on your bid.
> If you need more information/specifics on an item, send me private email
> and I'll give you all the info I can to help you make a decision.
> Let the frenzy begin!!! =-)
> Anthony Clifton - Wirehead
> PS: I'll be discontinuing the website at in a
> month or so I can focus all my resources on the new venture.
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