S100 speech boards

From: Bill Richman <bill_r_at_inetnebr.com>
Date: Mon May 11 01:16:04 1998

I don't know if the CT1 was used in "Wargames", but they had a talking
IMSAI in it. The CT1 was the first S-100 speech board that I had ever
seen, and I figured it would probably do the trick. Because I have no
life, this afternoon I dug out the demo tape I received from the
company about 20 years ago, digitized it, and added it to my web site.
It's under in the "Classic Computers", "Gallery of Historic Computer
Publications & Memorabilia" for lack of a better place to put it.
Y'know - I really should change that page to thumbnails... it's
getting huge. Anyway, give a listen and let me know what you think.
They give you more technical details than you can shake a stick at,
mostly delivered by a woman who is really excited about the product
*and* knows lots of really cool technobabble. I'm pretty sure I've
got the brochure around somewhere too. If I find it, I'll try to put
it up as well.

On Sat, 9 May 1998 00:45:58 +0100 (BST), you wrote:

>You mean there's some connection between the CT1 and 'Wargames' ? Eeek!

>Interesting. Presumably the DAC + analogue (de)muxes set the parameters...

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