Hello - I'm a new reader

From: D. Peschel <dpeschel_at_u.washington.edu>
Date: Mon May 11 01:16:06 1998

... and I wanted to introduce myself.

I'm a student at the University of Washington; I subscribed to the list in
hopes that there would be some local members. So far, I'm not sure. Some of
your names are familiar from alt.folklore.computers but many are new.

I'm a computer-science major. Most CS majors here don't seem to be very
interested in old machines, unfortunately. They must be dazzled by all the
Windows NT machines we have (which were given to us by Intel and don't work
very well, thanks to overstressed/inept/inconstant administration).

I'll probably read more than I post -- I don't have detailed experience with
the popular machines, because I don't _have_ the popular machines, because I
live in a dorm room. But I do have experience with the Apple ][, and a Kaypro
which I'm resurrecting (thanks to Don Maslin and his awe-inspiring collection
of CP/M disks) and some HP calculators and some emulators on my Macintosh.

By "popular" I mean "popular with the readers of this list," not "popular with
people in general."

So... who's from Washington? And BTW, is there a working Web site/archive/FAQ
for this group? I can't seem to connect to the bothell machine, even though
it's part of my own school.


-- Derek
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