TRS80 Model I Equipment

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Mon May 11 20:46:54 1998

Gary S Katz wrote:

I am not too far away in Kearny NJ, I started with a Mod I (long lost,
although it is possibly still owned), can offer a supportive home to
them (I'll possibly have to track down instructions on attaching them
to TV's, spare TV equipment is on hand -- I _do_ know and love the
system (my second was lost to burglary) -- it was still being sold
when I started working for RS 5.4 years before I left due to IBM
compatibility of the new gear. I can give the darlings a good home,
although I dread that such an adoption will give my (dear, loving)
wife an excuse to balance things with getting another source of cat
hair (we have a deal). I will cheerfully pick them up.
> Alas, I have accepted a job offer that will take my family and me across
> the country into a home smaller than one we are currently renting. The
> Wife says that the Classic Computer Collection is NOT travelling with us.
> To be fair, if it DID move, I would have to store the equipment in a
> garage or something equally undesirable.
> The following equipment is in need of rescue:
> 3 TRS80 Model I CPU's
> two have keypads, one does not
> all are LEVEL II, 16K
> two have R/S lowercase mods, one has a non-R/S lc mod
> 2 Expansion Interface's
> both have 32K of RAM
> neither have functioning RS232 boards
> one has a buffered cable and SD controller
> one has non-buffered cable and R/S DD controller
> a single R/S RS232 board with a blown line driver chip might
> still be with us
> 4 R/S Shugart or Tandon Diskette Drives
> Two are Drive 0 designates with terminating resistors
> Two are Drive 1,2,3? without terminating resistors
> 1 VOXBOX - screws missing but functional at last test
> 1 TRS80 Voice Synthesizer - barely functioning at last test
> 1 TRS80 Line Printer 7
> Box of Cassette-based tapes
> Unfortunately, three TRS80 Model I Monitors got tossed accidentally in a
> prior move, so I don't have any of these.
> The computers are currently located in central New Jersey. I am hoping
> that there is a local collector who would be interested in providing these
> guys with a loving home. I am currently located in Baltimore, so I can't
> ship them easily. Please reply via EMAIL if you are interested in
> retrieving these pieces of computing history.
> -Gary Katz

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