VCF2 dates & venue

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Mon May 11 20:44:20 1998

At 01:18 AM 5/11/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Its now official...the Second Annual Vintage Computer Festival will be
>held on September 26-27 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa
>Clara, California.

On a similar note, there's going to be a World of Atari show in Las Vegas
in August. Kinda like MacWorld, only for Atari's. (And much, much,
bigger. 8^) Anyway, sounds like a lot of fun; unfortunately I won't be
able to make it. However, the guy from Sacto said that if WoA is
successful, he'll think about doing another Sacramento Atari Expo... So
go, make it a big success...

P.S., Sam, I forgot to mention that I'll be happy to bring over anything in
my collection (except the big Symbolics machines or the HP3000 8^) to put
on display, and I'll be after a table too, I think, to unload some of the
Mac stuff Rachel's not using at school.


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